Art Direction and Design

The time I spent cutting my teeth at The Hive Strategic Marketing and honing my skills at BSTREET Communications provided me with a great deal of art direction and design experience.

My favourite project that I’ve worked on is the Jack Daniel’s Music campaign. An amazing photographer, client and brief all aligned perfectly and we produced great work. I still love it. 

I also spent two busy years working as the lead Art Director for the National BTL Coca-Cola campaign in preparation for the Vancouver Olympics, which was an amazing opportunity. Pretty crazy...but a great experience.

These days I work on a freelance basis from my small home town and I work on projects like this less often, but they are replaced with new and extremely rewarding ones. At times I miss the big-budget, big-brief days and I look back on them fondly. But I love my role in my community and the lessons I learned in the big stink are a huge asset here.