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Utilizing a graphic designer for your company can have a huge impact on how your brand is perceived. If you want your logos and printed material to look professional and instill curiosity, you need someone who can make that happen. There are subtleties in design that professional creatives are aware of that make logos, layouts and photography "sing".

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Graphic Design

Promotional Art Direction & Graphic Design

Art direction is a different practice than graphic design. When you are an art director you are developing the concept and communication, sketching layouts, and managing a team of graphic designers, photographers and/or illustrators, and writers to bring your (and your clients) vision to life. Throughout my career I have played many different creative rolls on different projects. Here are some of the promotional materials I have worked on:


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I started my career as a technical illustrator recreating life size airplane cock-pits for learning situations. I've also dabbled in a more freehand style mostly for fun but at times was commissioned for a nursing blog. Here is some of that work.