I believe there is a segment of business owners that want top of the line design and marketing but don't have the budget to use an agency. This is how I can fill that niche:

1. I have over 15 years experience

I use it to help small business owners meet industry standards of marketing and design.

2. I get you

I'm also a small business owner. I have worked in large companies in the city and gained some incredible experience. But now I work for myself and love the benefits of this lifestyle. I want to help other entrepreneurs continue to live their dream by improving their marketing and brand identity. That is the most rewarding career move I've ever made.

3. Competitive pricing

I am a home-based business, and I have no employees. When you hire me, you get 15+ years experience working on your job no matter what your budget is. I can offer quality and expertise at a rate you won't find from a local agency. I've set myself up to help the small business category.

4. My dream team

I've created my Dream Team of past co-workers that include writers, art directors, illustrators, and other creatives that I can utilize as needed. These are trusted professionals in the industry who have committed to helping me poke holes in my work so that you receive the best ideas possible. I have them in place to keep me on top of my game and to ensure I never settle for the low hanging fruit. 

5. Consulting

Not every business has the money to pay someone to manage their website, or social media on a regular basis. By offering advice, I can enable you to take more control of your brand identity and communication without paying someone an annual fee to do so.