Good Times + Good People = Good Cause

It's funny where ideas come from. Sometimes you spend hours in a boardroom brainstorming for the perfect/big/different idea, and sometimes they just pop into your head. Luckily for me, Two Birds One Stone was a business idea that just bubbled up out of nowhere.

In fact, it came out of an email conversation I was having with my business partner Leigh. While discussing the many projects we are working on Leigh mentioned a decision that would fulfill two of our responsibilities in one action. I had responded that I loved the 'two birds one stone' approach. And there it was, the first seed. Immediately, the business was right in front of us. 

I loved that our business group was Leigh, her husband Andrew, and myself - two chicks and one dude. The metaphor was perfect because Leigh and I can fly away with big ideas and Andrew can ground us with his realist, but equally excitable perspective. Two birds one stone. Plus, a little aside, Leigh and I both have bird tattoos. Andrew is yet to brand himself with a rock, but we'll let that slide.

We knew we were going to start throwing local parties. We had even discussed making donations to the community when the revenue allowed. But this seamed to be a great way to promote a brand positioning that celebrated that idea. We would run events in the name of fun, but use that fun to generate cash for local organizations. Two birds one stone. 

Our first event is fast approaching. Oktoberfest in Marmora should be a hit. It has all the ingredients for a successful good time. Beer, food, and fun people! Plus, we are going to raise money for the Marmora Food Bank, just in time for Thanksgiving. 

Like I said before, who knows why certain ideas are so easy to come by. I guess we'll see if this one was the right one to pay attention to!