Many of the clients state that  their biggest concern in managing a website is the loss of control over time. Eventually, the site becomes outdated and expensive to maintain. My focus was to create sites that were 100% controlled by the client. I would remain involved as a support system, helping them learn the language of this new platform.


Marmora Business Association

The Marmora Business Association gives the hard-working business owners and employees of Marmora an opportunity to work together to make the local business community a stronger competitor in the marketplace.

Forty4 North

Based in Peterborough, Ontario, Forty4 North is a boutique music production company focusing on Artist Management & Booking, Merchandise, and Marketing. As the Creative Director and Partner for this company I was able to brand and develop the site in order to get us up and running. The company started January of 2015 and has been growing ever since.

Westben Festival Arts  

Being such an inspiring company, and benefit to the community, Westben needed a website that reflected it's quality product and beautiful location. As a not-for-profit endeavour it also helps for them to maintain control of the site. Allowing them to make changes and updates without the hassle and fee of asking a contractor to do it for them. 


Mindful Journey

Rev. Janice Chrysler is a Spiritual Growth Facilitator who can guide you on your path to self discovery. Her website needed to be clean and calming, and enable her an easy way to connect with her clientele. 


Precise Print

Every business should have a web presence. This small batch printing company, based out of Marmora, needed a simple website that illustrated their services.


Marmora Historical Foundation

This website was the first that I actually developed through SquareSpace. It is a great learning opportunity for me because it has taught me the platform. The amount of content is incredible and I am always posed with a new challenge. The site has been set up so that there are a number of contributors, and as often as I can I will go in and tidy up the design.